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Saving Lives by Empowering
Students, Teachers & First Responders

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Harnessing Technology for
Dynamic Two-Way Communication: 

Connecting Occupants Inside & First Responders Outside.*

*International Patent Pending

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ClassroomSAFE Features

Empowering Safety Through Innovation


Real-Time Crisis Mapping

Leveraging advanced algorithms, we deliver immediate, real-time crisis maps. Occupants receive crucial notifications with guidance like "lock doors, turn off lights, stay out of sight," while first responders gain insight from heat maps, indicating where immediate attention is needed. This dual approach ensures timely and precise actions, safeguarding everyone inside.


Seamless Communication Portal

Designed with user experience in mind, our platform ensures intuitive two-way communication. Whether it's occupants signaling distress or first responders providing directives, our system bridges the communication gap.


Crowd-Sourced Data Integration

By tapping into the collective intelligence of building occupants, our platform gathers and analyzes data to provide actionable insights. This collaborative approach amplifies the accuracy and efficiency of response efforts.


Scalable & Secure Architecture

With a foundation built on robust security protocols, our platform scales effortlessly to accommodate various building sizes and configurations. Your safety is our utmost priority, and our technology is designed to reflect that commitment.

“This is so simple, my 6-year old could use it."

Chief of Staff, SORM

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