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  • Will Aiki alert me if my phone is on Do Not Disturb or silent mode?
    Yes. We have enabled critical alerts on iOS and emergency alerts on Android devices. This means, you will still receive lockdown alerts from Aiki while in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. While iOS devices will bring up a pop-up message for Critical Alerts with a new install, Android does not present the same pop-up message. Once you've accepted to receive Critical Alerts on iOS devices, it will not re-ask for subsequent updates. Be sure to check your phone’s system settings to double check if Critical (iOS) and Emergency (Android) alerts are turned on.
  • Will I be able to hear the alert if my phone is set to ‘do not disturb’?
    Yes. Aiki now has enabled critical alerts/emergency alerts so alerts push through the 'do not disturb' or 'silent mode' phone settings.
  • What does an alert sound like?
    You can hear a demonstration of the alert sound in the app. Open the Settings tab on your Aiki app and click on the 'Play the Alert Sound' button.
  • How are active attacks traditionally reported?
    Traditionally, Active Attacks are called into 911 by people on the ground. You can also install panic hardware or silent panic buttons but you have to install enormous amounts of wire throughout schools and you still have to sound the alarm. The equipment is often expensive to create, install, and maintain so many communities are unable to sustain a comprehensive, up to date network.
  • How much battery is being used in the background for this app?
    The amount of battery used will vary from phone to phone. Most iPhone users will not see any performance or battery issues. Newer Android phones should be able to receive notifications with no large impacts to battery usage. Older Android phones may experience a heavier usage. For those Android users, we have provided the option of using battery saving mode. This does severely impact contributions to the network, so only use this feature if necessary.
  • Should I have location services set to always for Aiki?
    Ideally, yes. If you are enrolled into a classroomsafe school and would like to receive Aiki Alerts, location services help us provide more accurate early warning alerting that is targeted to your most recent known location. You also have the option to set a default HomeBase. That way no matter where you happen to be, even if your location services are turned off, you can receive an Aiki alert at your HomeBase.
  • What is Aiki doing to improve accessibility for low-vision users?
    Aiki is working with our stakeholders to make improvements to the app for the low vision community. Specifically: better integration with Voiceover. Some updates are available in the latest version. We will continue to make improvements over time, but please reach out to us if you encounter any bugs or missing labels.
  • Am I able to receive customized notifications from specific locations?
    Yes, you are able to set up to (3) locations with control over the mile coverage and (type of lockdown/alert).
  • What does the My Data page show?
    You can see how you’ve contributed to the Aiki project and look at statistics about the project on the My Data page. Don’t worry if you haven’t been near a lockdown or experienced any since downloading the app, you’re an important part of the global safety network just by keeping Aiki on your phone!
  • How good does the app work? What if I don't have a good WIFI connection? Or a signal?
    Our testing has shown that most modern phones in use today can use WIFI or Cellular Connection. The information we are sending is very simple and thankfully light on data use.
  • Lessons Learned?
    Lessons learned from this work may enable us to expand active attack lockdowns to other countries around the world. This could happen when the number of users in an area is sufficient for Aiki to create accurate alerts and that a public education and training campaign has been developed to inform users how to respond to the alerts for their location.
  • How do I get notified when I can buy this?
    Please email us!
  • How do you sell this to and who buys it?
    The owner of the campus or venue buys it for his occupancy.
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