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Aiki ClassroomSAFE App

Thank you so much for helping us Test our App.

2 Steps
   1st Download the App for your device

Apple Users

Andriod & Google Users

  2nd Use these logins:

Students & Teachers

First Responders

Teachers & Students
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First Responders Please Use These Log in's

Use for the App & also the Dashboard

SMFD Engine2 Login:       

PW:  d4vyze23

SMFD Engine4 Login:      

PW:  xbxted7v

SMFD Ladder1 Login:       

PW:  6zvkheka

SMFD Heavy Rescue Login:       PW:  tpbmxpg6

SMFD Truck 3 Login:        

PW:  6bdsvafk

SMFD Truck 5 Login:      

PW:  2x5qqt43

RTF 1 Login:        

PW:  kvcf47ny

RTF 2 Login:        

PW:  jpshkef7

RTF 3 Login:        

PW:  nfnrqeyk

RTF 4 Login:      

PW:  jdkpbb74

RTF 5 Login:        

PW:  vxvcwzgr

Doug Wozniak Login:        

PW:  r5cndg77

SMFD Battalion Chief 1:   
PW:  u8udzfkv

SMFD Battalion Chief 2 Login:   
PW:   6zjrcanw

First Responders Login

Access to Dashboard: 

Use log in's from First Responders

You'll have to Sign out - and then sign back in. 

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